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  1. World Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Saturday, October 12, 2013
  2. Future of Mobile
    Friday, September 16, 2011
  3. Welcome to Finland, Google IV
    Sunday, September 11, 2011
  4. Accurate identification of plant species from aerial images
    Thursday, September 01, 2011
  5. Reindeer developed UV vision
    Sunday, June 19, 2011
  6. Areva CEO goes
    Sunday, June 19, 2011
  7. Snow experiments for artists and scientists
    Sunday, February 20, 2011
  8. A week in Stanford
    Sunday, February 20, 2011
  9. Closing comments - sorry
    Sunday, February 20, 2011
  10. Innovation Excellence
    Thursday, September 16, 2010

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World Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A good part of this week was spent in the World Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, held at the Museum of Moving Images in Queens.The agenda spread out over three days, and included topics from IT/technology, aging/healthcare, education, environment, energy, open, intelligent cities, and more.

As often happens at these events, I got a little carried away and tweeted like a madman, as everything I heard on and off stage seemed fundamentally meaningful to every aspect of our lives. Those are great moments.

... << MORE >>

Future of Mobile

I'm attending The Future of Mobile conference in London today. Wow this is really impressive. In one day we are covering pros and cons of native apps, web/HTML5 apps, non-apps, "the cloud", sensors, plus of course dissecting Android, iOS and Windows to the death.

One of my favorite sessions was by PhoneGap, a cross-platform native app platform, running on HTML5. This _could_ be the future of mobile. Let's ...
<< MORE >>

Welcome to Finland, Google IV

As reported earlier, Google is opening a server farm in Hamina, Finland. Finland is a good location for server farms, because of the cool weather, availability of sea water, safety, good infrastructure and well educated people.

Yesterday Google celebrated the inauguration, and Finns were excited about the opportunity to see how this former paper factory now looks like. Only Google didn't allow the guests to go inside, but ...
<< MORE >>

Accurate identification of plant species from aerial images

One of my cherished ideas has been to build a mobile AR application to identify mushrooms. This is the time of year again when I am spending hours in the Finnish forest picking the most delicious mushrooms one can imaging.

Mentioning this today at lunch was a good idea. I was informed of a recent Fujitsu project, where they have enhanced a normal GPS service to identify different vegetation on earth. Before, looking at ...
<< MORE >>

Reindeer developed UV vision

I usually buy Wired and science magazines when flying. It's been one of those months again, so picked up an issue of New Scientist from the airport. (Wired ran glossy pics of how nature has taken over Chernobyl, a story that I've seen in numerous papers and mags since Fukujima. Frankly I was disappointed that Wired would be late and copy a story from others so left it on the shelf this time).<< MORE >>

Areva CEO goes

As you may remember from my earlier postings, nuclear is not my favorite energy technology. I have covered some of the problems at the Finnish Olkiluoto plant here, here, here and here. French Areva, who is the supplier of this infamous construction site, is now showing the door to their long time CEO Anne Lauvergeon ("Atomic Anne"). Reasons for her discharge are many, but overspending 2,6 billion euros extra on the Olkiluoto project, and its delay by more than three years are certainly listed. << MORE >>

Snow experiments for artists and scientists

This winter has been - again - one of the coldest, and with most snow in Helsinki. In December I moved back to city center, after a 3 year experiment in the countryside. I am happily free from snow-shoveling and can just observe interesting new phenomena about the town.<< MORE >>

A week in Stanford

A year ago I spent a A week in Harvard as part of my (yes, still ongoing) MBA studies. In 2010 it was time to complete the second international module, this time at Stanford. << MORE >>

Closing comments - sorry

It's been a while I've had a chance to clean the blog from unwanted comments, and there are now over 3000 of them. Unfortunately the bots are winning the game, and I have to close down the comments on this blog.<< MORE >>

Innovation Excellence

I was invited to speak at the Innovation Excellence conference in Amsterdam. The day began on a low note, when I entered the room I was the only, yes the only, woman there. Later two more women arrived so in the end we were 3. As you might guess, everyone else was a white European, middle aged man. Hmmm... ... << MORE >>

Moon is shrinking

You can't trust anything these days. Extreme weather conditions, changing flora and fauna, and now this: Moon is shrinking. ... << MORE >>

Tweets from Pjongjang

North Korea has opened Twitter and YouTube accounts, and they have 185.000 subscribers to 3G mobile network. Wow. For a totally isolated nation, this is big news. ... << MORE >>

Turquoise is the new green

The Greens have lost their touch. I don't know any Green party in Europe with a clear political agenda for how to prevent soon 7 billion people from consuming the globe to death, or a plan to execute such agenda for that matter. ... << MORE >>

Abandon Earth—Or Face Extinction

What do you think about this? Stephen Hawking says that one way or another, the life on Earth will likely become uninhabitable for mankind in the future. We need to start seriously thinking about how we will free ourselves from the constraints of this dying planet. His proposal is to relocate to another planet. ... << MORE >>

Solar powered airplanes

Electric airplanes have been in the development pipeline for some time, according to wikipedia even from 1970 or earlier. These funky looking clever machines took a step forward in becoming commercialized, as a manned, solar-powered plane flew 26 hours by using only solar power as energy.<< MORE >>

Mystery hole-punch cloud formation solved

It's nice to hear that humans are still solving some basic natural phenomena. We aren't as smart as we tend to think. ... << MORE >>

Yey, I'm on BBC!

I've reported before how excited I've been about crowdfunding with Kiva and Grow VC. ... << MORE >>

Making mobile work for social entrepreneurs

I met with Stephen Wolak from Vodafone and Betavine the other week in London. Betavine is an open community, run by Vodafone R&D, where developers can create applications, learn, and discuss developer related stuff. ... << MORE >>

Bell Labs, Cheeky Monkeys and Viennese pizza

Again this year I was priviledged to be invited to the New Product Development Strategies conference. We are in Vienna as last year, before that the conference was two consecutive years in Amsterdam. ... << MORE >>

From London to Helsinki - on a bus

One of the most bizarre experiences in a long time. Being stranded in London for an additional week, due to volcanic ash in the airspace leading to all European planes being kept on ground. << MORE >>